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Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastRepublicans have a problem. While they’re continuing to perform OK-ish in the Midwest and the South in the era of Donald Trump, on Tuesday they got hammered in the Mountain West—a region loosely defined as “cowboy country,” i.e., Texas plus everything from Colorado and New Mexico to the borders of the Pacific coast states. It’s the continuation of a trend that’s been going on for more than a decade, but it’s particularly worrisome now. Republicans should be able to win in states largely populated by fiscally conservative, pro-gun rights individuals. But the results Tuesday were no bueno. Nevada and Colorado are starting to look more blue than purple. Arizona, which has more Electoral College votes than either, has been Republican since forever but now appears to be an honest-to-God swing state. New Mexico, which used to be a swing state, is now completely out of reach for the GOP except under the most unusual circumstances. Read more at The Daily Beast.