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Adulting and paying bills go hand and hand. It seems like you just paid rent or the credit card bill last week, and the next one is somehow already showing up in the mail. Most of these payments are inevitable, but that doesn't mean you're totally helpless. The third generation Nest Learning Thermostat adjusts your settings as it learns your habits and can help you slash your energy bill significantly — and it's up to $50.99 off at Amazon today. Sure, telling Alexa to crank the heat without having to move is awesome. But Nest's smart thermostats do so much more than encouraging our laziness: These little guys learn and adapt to your behaviors, adjusting the temperature accordingly. You probably won't notice the few degrees difference, but that small decrease will prove itself worthy when you see your next bill. Read more...More about Climate Change, Nest, Smart Home, Energy Efficient, and Mashable Shopping