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Hans-Juergen Burkard/laif/ReduxMOSCOW—Alexei Navalny had just gotten out of jail, again, when he sat down with The Daily Beast for an exclusive interview. Giant crowds join his anti-Putin rallies in cities all over Russia, but you won’t see his face on state television. Millions watch his YouTube investigative reports that expose the shocking corruption of high-profile Russian officials, but you won’t hear President Vladimir Putin pronounce his name publicly. Until recently, the Kremlin’s strategy was to jail Navalny periodically while ignoring his existence in public statements. That changed radically in September when Putin’s former bodyguard, General Victor Zolotov, threatened to beat up the country’s most prominent opposition leader. In a strange video posted online, using language so macho it seemed ludicrous, Zolotov told Navalny: "I promise to turn you into a juicy pounded steak in a few minutes." Read more at The Daily Beast. Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here