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iPhone cables — you either break them, or you lose them.  Apple users know the ceaseless pain of having to fork out money for subpar charging wires. Some of you probably even have a quarterly budget set just for replenishing your cable stock. Frankly, that's ridiculous, and it has to stop. And that's why the Mashable Shop is having deals on a bunch of third-party cables that will last you years. Whether you're on the hunt for a wire that can take a bullet, or one that glows in the dark, or one that is long enough to be used as a jump rope, we've got you covered. The heavy duty cable Want to hear the weirdest (or perhaps most amazeballs) flex ever? This tough cable has gone through 30,000 cycles of 90-degree bend tests to ensure that it's sturdy AF. Engineered from a tinplate interior, a TPE jacket exterior, and wrapped internal wires, it will reportedly never fray, or snag, or rip, or (insert synonym for break here). It also comes with an original 8-pin connector to provide speedy data transfer, syncing, and charging. Read more...More about Phone Charger, Charging Cable, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Stackcommerce, and Iphone Cable