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As one of the breakout nail trends of 2019, tiny red or pink hearts make for a fun manicure any time of year, not just around the second week of February. But if you're wearing hearts from January to December, how are you going to make your mani feel different for Valentine's Day? Well, we've got a few ideas. Our favorite manicures of the moment are loosely inspired by Cupid, flowers, and all things love. But just like your favorite poppy-red crewneck sweater, these nail looks are timeless and a little flirty. Plus, this chic art is perfect for a romantic date night or just your average Monday in February. From sparkly rhinestones over baby-pink polish to a minimalist bare nail with a teeny red heart accent, check out the cutest Valentine's Day nail art that's taking over Instagram right now. A heart-shaped confetti polish like this one makes for a seasonally-appropriate minimalist manicure that looks much more involved than the three minutes it took to swipe over your nails. We'd recommend trying one of Essie's new Valentine's Day-exclusive polishes to get the look at home.If you've recently jumped on the almond-shaped nail trend, you can use those subtly pointed tips as a backdrop for a heart design. Bonus points for adding little eyes Commes des Garçons-style.A single tiny heart on a bare nail is all kinds of chic. Pair it with a soft, stained red lip and dewy minimal makeup everywhere else.You can concentrate your Valentine's Day red on the just tips of your nails for a festive and trendy spin on the classic French manicure. This exact look takes a clear base coat with a skinny French dip in the CND shade Wildfire layered on top.This baby-pink base color with hot-pink leopard spots concentrated towards the tips is seasonal without even knowing it.If an accent nail is your vibe — and you have a steady hand with a striping brush — consider drawing this cursive trio of hearts across your ring finger.The best part about a half-moon mani is that the negative space at the cuticle allows for your nails to grow out seamlessly.Multicolored floral nail art shows you're complex, with varied likes and desires, and you will not be wooed by a cliché bouquet of roses.This spotted negative-space nail is pretty easy to DIY: All you have to do is give your nails a nude base, then use a red polish (this one is Marigold by Zoya) to paint alternating semi-circles with a tiny drop of gold polish in the center.Some carefully-placed gemstones add a little flair to a simplistic blush-pink manicure.An unexpected way to wear red is to mix in a textured pop of matte glitter polish — in the same shade — over just one nail.Fluttery eyelash decals over a neutral color add a little something flirty, without being obvious about it.If you're feeling inspired by the heart tip, you can take the trend a step further, painting one on the point of each nail.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? The Prettiest Pink Nail Polishes Ever Created, According To The Pros 10 Essie Nail Polish Shades Everyone Agrees On 8 Nail-Polish Colors That Will Be Huge In 2019