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Courtesy of Warner Bros. PicturesThe thing about loving romantic comedies is that you see a lot of really bad movies. Isn’t It Romantic seems to know this about the perfectly imperfect genre, that for every Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and 27 Dresses there’s a few dozen more movies attempting to replicate their magic, but hardly conjuring a spark. The same hallmarks of the genre that make the best of it so great also make the worst of it so painful to watch. Ostensibly, Isn’t It Romantic sets out to satirize, or at least intellectually deconstruct this, before devolving into a confoundingly bad romantic comedy itself. The Rebel Wilson-starring film hits theaters this Wednesday, just in time to start Valentine’s Day fights between any couple in which someone makes the grave mistake of thinking this movie would make for a cute date. Read more at The Daily Beast.