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Newz Chooze

Biggest short-squeeze since March 2009 lows and best 10-day rally since 2008 following Mnuchin's invocation of the PPT? This just seemed appropriate...   Terrible inflation data from China overnight sent stocks lower after an initial jump (bad news is good)...   European stocks opened ugly after France IP unexpectedly plunged...then were panic-bid back to the highs of the day...   In the US, all eyes and ears were on Powell, he started well with "patient" being pushed but spooked stocks when he said the balance sheet would be "substantially" lower... of course that will never do and dip-buyer ran in quickly to rescue the record rebound...     By the close all the major US equity indices were up almost exactly the same amount on the day (probably nothing right?)...   Small Caps are now up 14% from the Mnuchin Massacre lows on Xmas Eve...   Macy's puked (record drop) in the punchbowl of the consumer's recovery and smashed retailer and department store stocks...   American Airlines crashed - also ruining the party that airline stocks had been having...but dip-buyers ran in aggressively...   Despite the ongoing compression in credit markets, this is the longest the market has gone without a junk bond issue in two decades...   And HYG started the day off ugly but was ebullient by the close...   Treasury yields surged on the day with the long-end dramatically underperforming after a dismal 30Y auction...   Notably, 30Y Yields are now back up to pre-Fed rate-hike levels...   Interestingly BE's actually fell today despite oil's gains...   The dollar rebounded modestly from yesterday's dovish FOMC statement drop...   Ugly day for cryptos, slamming most of the majors into the red for 2019...   Dollar strength weighed on PMs, dismal China data dropped copper, but crude extended gains...   WTI extended gains pushing up towards $43...   Finally, a chart to consider before you buy another fucking dip... Which makes you wonder if "you are here"... And in case you needed a "worse since Lehman" chart, viola..