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Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that he “absolutely cannot” rule out another government shutdown on Feb. 15. Chuck Todd: "Whatever he's short of, is he going to find the money somewhere else?" Mulvaney: "I think that's fair. That's probably the most likely outcome. You cannot take the shutdown off the table and you cannot take $5.7 billion [for the border wall] off the table. But if you end up some place in the middle, what you'll probably see is the president say: 'Ok, and then I'll go find the money some place else." The state of play: Mulvaney said bipartisan conference members have told him the realistic deadline to strike a deal in time to avoid another shutdown is today. The Washington Post and Politico are both reporting that conference talks have broken down over the question of the number of detention beds that Immigration and Customs Enforcement should have access to, and that the two sides are now looking at another short-term spending bill.