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Wells Fargo customers are reporting over social media that they aren't seeing paychecks and direct deposits in their online and mobile banking accounts after Thursday's massive outage, according to USA Today.  As we reported yesterday, Wells Fargo customers were unable to access their accounts for most of the day, which the bank blamed on a power shutdown after smoke was detected at a data center in SHoreview, MN.  The bank said in a late Thursday statement that ATM services had been restored and that mobile and online banking were "operational" aside from certain features such as mortgage and credit card balances.  On Friday, however, the problems continued, as online users reported experiencing glitches and missing paychecks.  @WellsFargo seriously? 48 hours in and this is what you got? #wellsfargofail — JM Stim (@Klaus_Stimeder) February 8, 2019 wait did i not get my direct deposit bc Wells Fargo is garbage — Nathan (@unfortunvteF) February 8, 2019 My check is not in my account #WellsFargo — Amina....🇻🇮 (@_MinaDan) February 8, 2019 @WellsFargo where’s my direct deposit?! — Monie🌬 (@SimSlimm) February 8, 2019 Wells Fargo responded, stating "We are aware of an issue regarding the processing of direct deposit into Wells Fargo accounts and we're sorry for the inconvenience. Some may not yet be able to see payroll deposits in online banking. Customers should operate as they would normally. Thank you for your patience." Alright @WellsFargo once your "contained issue" is resolved I will be moving every account I have at Wells Fargo elsewhere. A mason jar in the backyard seems like a much better option at this time. #DontFWithMyMoney — Tracy Erickson (@ILoveMyRicky10) February 8, 2019 😂RT @I_Am_Wynter: Me: Wells Fargo how long will my debit card be down? Wells Fargo:#WellsFargo — Beard-Sitter♥️ (@_GRANDduchess) February 8, 2019 Fuck y'all! I'm closing my accounts ASAP — ATL HOE (@CDub_JusBCoolin) February 8, 2019