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Newz Chooze

In his open letter last night, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos hit back at claims his dick-pic-sending signals a level of recklessness that investors had previously not considered... AMI’s claim of newsworthiness is that the photos are necessary to show Amazon shareholders that my business judgment is terrible. I founded Amazon in my garage 24 years ago, and drove all the packages to the post office myself. Today, Amazon employs more than 600,000 people, just finished its most profitable year ever, even while investing heavily in new initiatives, and it’s usually somewhere between the #1 and #5 most valuable company in the world. I will let those results speak for themselves... However, it appears investors are a little concerned as AMZN stock is tumbling to 5-week lows this morning...   Losing its mantle as the world's most valuable company... We suspect more than one investor is asking themselves: "what kind of weird pervert do we have running $AMZN and who in USA made decision to give Bezos billions in taxpayer money to create a safe secure system to guard nation's secrets in Cloud WHEN HE IS STUPIDLY RECKLESS HIMSELF?" h/t @DividendMaster