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Newz Chooze

College football’s week 11 slate ain’t great. You might have to get creative to remain entertained. Okay, yeah, this isn’t the most amazing college football slate you’re gonna see. Time to get creative. Today’s topics: There’s at least a 1-in-3 chance that either MSU-Bama or Clemson-BC is worth your time. Maybe. Possibly. Is the Stanford glory era done? Which gross, messy, glorious division race is your favorite? Is Willie Fritz to Kansas still a thing? Maybe? Is Les Miles to Kansas as bad an idea as it sounds? Illinois-Nebraska could be worth your time … no seriously! Hey, come back here! (And if the Illini win, they still have a shot at a bowl. Really!) Is Bedlam worth it this year? Godfrey hates Steve Addazio COAST GUARD! MERCHANT MARINE! ESPN3! Uh … Mike Bobo to Miami maybe?