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Always Be Smiling. N’Golo Kanté got stomped in a game of FIFA against teammate Callum Hudson-Odoi, and honestly took the whole thing exceedingly well. Kante rage quitting on FIFA is everything— ᴱᴰᴱᴺ (@FutbolEden) November 8, 2018 I don’t know if there’s a single scenario Kanté could walk away from without a giant smile on his face. The dude is obviously rage quitting, but this is some polite rage quitting, dignified rage quitting — the kind of rage quitting where he makes you a cup of tea afterwards and asks you how the win made you feel. Also, it should be noted that Kanté hates losing at games and even got accused of cheating at cards earlier this summer. Which he shrugged, and smiled off. There’s something special about watching athletes lose at video games. It’s basically the only area in life where normies like us get to feel superior, and for that we thank athletes who are bad at games for their sacrifice.