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Injuries have derailed Murray’s career to the point where he isn’t sure if he can make it to Wimbledon, where he’d like to retire. Andy Murray is certainly one of the top tennis players of all time, and surely Britain’s greatest ever, but his career has been seriously derailed by injuries. And now, with the Australian Open fast approaching, he may be closer to retirement than once thought. He had originally said he planned to retire after Wimbledon of this year, but after an emotional press conference on Thursday, Murray revealed that the Australian Open could be the last tournament he plays, as reported by the Daily Mail. Murray has been dealing with a hip injury since 2017 and after doing some preparation for Australia, it became clear that he’s still in quite a bit of pain and not feeling nearly close to 100 percent. When asked how he is feeling, he replied, “I’m not great.” “Obviously I have been struggling a long time and I have been in pain for about twenty months now,’ he said. “I’ve pretty much done everything that I could to try and get my hip feeling better and it hasn’t helped loads. I’m in a better place than I was six months ago but still in a lot of pain. It’s been tough.”’ Murray reiterated that he intends to play in Australia. “I’m going to play here,” he said. “I can still play to a certain level, not a level I’m happy playing at. It’s not just that. The pain is too much really, I don’t want to continue playing that way.” Murray was in tears during the press conference, as he explained again his intention to make it to Wimbledon, but also that he may not have it in him to make it that far. “I said to them maybe I could get through this until Wimbledon, that is where I would like to stop playing but I am also not certain I am able to do that,” Murray said. Unfortunately for Murray, the way forward is still very unclear. He said that he’s considering another operation, but it would be more invasive than the procedure he had around this time of last year “I could have my hip resurfaced, which would allow me a better quality of life,” Murray said. “I’m seriously considering that right now but there’s no guarantees with it.” Murray also said that he doesn’t enjoy competing anymore due to the pain, and that it’s mentally draining to constantly being asked about his health. Hopefully, he can play and perform as well as he’d like to in Australia, and take his final bow at Centre Court at Wimbledon later this year — but so much is still up in the air. Murray is a three-time Grand Slam champion, two of which came at Wimbledon, the most recent in 2016. He’s also reached the final of the Australian Open five times and the final of the French Open once. He has two Olympic gold medals and has 45 career titles. He achieved the career No. 1 ranking in November 2016, but is currently ranked 230th in the world.