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The National Enquirer appears to host its website with Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing arm of Amazon. The pairing is an awkward match. The Enquirer last month exposed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' affair with a former TV anchor. On Thursday, Bezos accused the Enquirer of attempting to 'extort and blackmail' him, using intimate photos of the executive as leverage.  Politics, as they say, makes for strange bedfellows. So too, it seems, does web hosting. The National Enquirer, which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos accused Thursday of trying to extort and blackmail him, appears to host its website on the servers of Amazon Web Services, the tech giant's cloud computing unit. Read this: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer publisher of 'extortion' over naked photos in extraordinary blog post The underlying IP addresses for the Enquirer's site are assigned to Amazon. Records associated with those addresses list Amazon as their owner. Ryan Huber, a security architect at enterprise messaging company Slack, highlighted the connection in a post on Twitter. Business Insider confirmed the connection. "Dear Mr Bezos, I'm just gonna leave this here," he said in a tweet. Dear Mr Bezos,I'm just gonna leave this here... — ryan huber (@ryanhuber) February 8, 2019 Representatives for Amazon and American Media, the parent company of the Enquirer, did not immediately respond to a request for comment or confirmation about their business connection. Last month, the Enquirer published an exposé of Bezos' affair with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. In response, Bezos launched an investigation into how information about his relationship, including racy texts, were leaked to the Enquirer. Bezos' investigator has suggested that the leaks could have been politically motivated. In an extraordinary blog post, Bezos said that American Media, the parent company of the Enquirer threatened to published additional racy photos of him and Sanchez unless he agreed to disavow the notion that the Enquirer's piece was motivated by politics. Bezos said that would have been a "lie." Read more on Bezos' dispute with the Enquirer: Jeff Bezos essentially accused the National Enquirer of having a political motive for exposing his affair, and insinuated a Trump connection Read all the emails Jeff Bezos says the National Enquirer sent to 'blackmail' him Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had a snappy response to the National Enquirer's allegations that taking intimate selfies showed poor business judgment Here are the six craziest things we learned from Jeff Bezos' blog post accusing the National Enquirer of 'extortion and blackmail' SEE ALSO: Jeff Bezos' impending divorce carries some big risks for Amazon shareholders Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: The science behind why your phone shuts down when it's cold outside