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Huawei is one of the top electronics makers in the world. Huawei is the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the world, and is the second-largest maker of smartphones in the world, behind Samsung. Despite Huawei's international success, the company's devices are extremely difficult to buy in some markets, like the United States. Some government agencies believe Huawei equipment contains backdoors that allow the Chinese government to snoop on customers. Huawei vehemently disputes these accusations. Huawei is back in the news again as the company, its chief financial officer, and several of its subsidiaries were handed criminal charges. The Justice Department alleges the company "stole trade secrets, misled banks about its business and violated US sanctions, according to the Associated Press. In December, Huawei's chief financial officer — Meng Wanzhou, who also happens to be the daughter of the company's founder — was arrested in Canada on suspicion of violating US trade sanctions on Iran. The US is looking to extradite Wanzhou; the Justice Department alleges she misled banks about the company's business in Iran. The incident may have major repercussions on the relationships between China, the United States, and also Canada (Meng is currently in Vancouver, out on bail). But people might be wondering why they have never heard of Huawei, which is a massive and influential tech company in most parts of the world. Here's why Huawei's products are extremely hard to find in certain markets like the United States:  SEE ALSO: I've used the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR — here's which one I'd recommend buying Huawei is a massive tech company. It's the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the world, and the second-largest maker of smartphones in the world, only behind Samsung. Huawei had almost $93 billion in sales last year — about as much as Microsoft over the same period. Over the years, though, Huawei has faced numerous accusations relating to espionage and surveillance, from countries around the world. Here are some articles about the snooping allegations: "Ex-CIA chief accuses Huawei of industrial espionage" - The Telegraph "Huawei faces exclusion from planned Canada government network" - Reuters "Spy software found preinstalled on Lenovo, Huawei, and Xiaomi smartphones" - Epoch Times "Six top US intelligence chiefs caution against buying Huawei phones" - CNBC "Spy chiefs fear Chinese cyber attack" - The Times  "African Union accuses China of hacking headquarters" - The Financial Times See the rest of the story at Business Insider