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Dialysis stocks are up Wednesday following the midterm election.  The three big dialysis companies all received a bump. DaVita HealthCare is up 14%, American Renal Associates is up 4%, and Fresenius Medical is up 9%.  Healthy kidneys help the body filter out impurities from the blood, and dialysis helps replace that function for patients whose kidneys aren't working properly. The uptick in stocks in the industry is due to voter rejection of Proposition 8 in California.  The ballot measure would have limited a dialysis clinic's revenue to 115% of the average cost of dialysis treatment in the state, according to analysts at Leerink.  If Proposition 8 had passed, DaVita, one of the largest providers of dialysis, would have lost $450 million a year, California Healthline reported. SEE ALSO: The 2018 midterms will have a big impact on healthcare, from Medicaid to abortion — here are the results SEE ALSO: MORGAN STANLEY: Here are the 10 healthcare companies that are most likely to get acquired in the next 12 months Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why you shouldn't be afraid to fly, according to a pilot with over 20 years of experience