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Wednesday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough reacted to President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address, saying it made the president “look even more inept” and “lost.” According to Scarborough, Trump’s speech “converted no one” that did not already support him. “[I]t’s the same question we asked about Kirstjen Nielsen and the Department of Homeland Security. She’s already been out lying about crisis on the southern border of epic proportions. She’s twisted facts around. What happens if we have a real national emergency? Well, I think most Americans aren’t going to take her at her word because she’s been lying so much for this president over the past few months,” Scarborough outlined. “This is an address they could have delivered on Fox News prime time and he would have reached his same audience. He would have converted the same number of people, which is zero, because if they were watching him on Fox News, in prime time, chances are very good they’d already be on his side,” he continued. “But last night, he converted no one. Last night, he made himself look even more inept. Last night, he made himself look even more lost. There’s a new Reuters poll out today