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“Sex tech” company Lora DiCarlo has accused the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of “sexism” and “double standards” after the show revoked the company’s innovation award for a robotic female sex toy. In a blog post, Lora DiCarlo founder and CEO Lora Haddock accused CES of “gender bias, sexism, misogyny, and double standards,” after the show revoked an innovation award for the company’s advanced “Osé” female sex toy, and questioned why other sex tech companies didn’t face the same treatment. We won a CES Innovation Award for Robotics and Drones – then they took it back. Why is CES still excluding women? #CESGenderBias @GaryShapiro @CES — LoraDiCarlo Official (@LoraDiCarlo_HQ) January 8, 2019 “Everything we do at Lora DiCarlo is rooted in sex-positivity and inclusion. We don’t hide what we do, and we firmly believe that women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and LGBTQI folks should be vocally claiming our space in pleasure and tech — both of which are still heavily dominated by male-CEOs and executives,” declared Haddock. “We also believe that society needs to drop the taboo around sex and sexuality — it’s a part of life and health that absolutely should be part of mainstream discourse… That’s why we