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Brendan Smialowski/GettyWatching twin populists Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro was to see how nationalism today is, at its ugly root, ethnic and racial nationalism, eventually reducing identity to supposed genetics. To realize these men with a robust sense of self-regard and a broad disdain for small-d democratic institutions and small-r republican values lead two nations comprised of more races and ethnic groups than you can count is jarring. American and Brazil are messy, vibrant, multi-everything patchwork cultures working to overcome long struggles over race and origin, culture and language, wealth and poverty. They are led now by two grunting, preening, he-men. Like in Helsinki, Trump is always ready to do his utmost for his most effective flatterers. His ongoing behavior with Putin ranges between obsequiousness and full on boot-licking. His bromance with Kim Jong Un is pursued with the fruitless vigorĀ of a 9th grader courting the head cheerleader. Read more at The Daily Beast.